Just flying: INAV 2.0 on a 7 inch long range cruiser quadcopter

I like my 7-inch endurance FPV drone. Maybe it does not flies super smooth yet, but slowly I’m getting there. The best move was probably to replace HQProp 7×3.5×3 V1S propellers with Gemfan 7×4.2. Fantastic propellers those Gemfans…

The common cranes (Grus grus) in a middle of the video really could not decide if they are scared of my drone or nor. In the end, I’ve decided to leave them alone… Storks are usually more friendly. They tend to ignore drones at all. The locals call this place The Carpathia. Why? Perhaps because those are the only “hills” on a completely flat area around.

Full 7-inch endurance drone specification is available here

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