7 inch Endurance Quadcopter recommendations

Endurance FPV drone with iFlight XL7 v2

This setup was replaced with TBS Source One with 7-inch arms

Endurance FPV drones are the new thing in our FPV community. They are something in between 5-inch FPV racers and bigger and heavier 10-inchers. They are very similar in build to 250/220 size drones but offer much longer flight time. With big enough battery, 20 minutes and more is easily achievable.

Endurance FPV drone with iFlight XL7 v2

The major difference is in motors. No way 2205 >2300KV motor can drive a 7-inch propeller. Recommended motors are in the range of 220x to 230x with a KV rating of around 1500. When powered from 3S, 1900KV can be used as well. Unfortunately, the motor choice is very limited. I’ve checked TBS Endurance and T-Motor F-80 1900KV. In the end, I’ve decided to go with TBS Endurance since I want to use 4S. F80 would be a small overkill in my case.

But even bigger problems are propellers. Over here the choice is even smaller. We need relatively low pitch propellers and that means the only competitors are right now: HQPro 7×3.5×3 V1S and Gemfan FLASH 7×4.2. Currently, I’m comparing then and probably Gemfan FLASH will win. But it’s still to be decided.

Recommended setup: