Was I disqualified from Betaflight?

The best way to fight with haters and different types of fanboys with whom you do not agree with is to ignore then. Just like that: do not feed the trolls, it makes no sense. Sometimes, tho, it’s so hilartious… Like today I learned that I was disqualified from… Yes, from what? Betaflight? Some other privilege I’m not aware of?

And this is called a disqualification... from Betaflight?

Oh, one day I will find the best screenshots from late Butterflight Slack… oh boy, that was interesting read 🙂

One thought to “Was I disqualified from Betaflight?”

  1. helluva world we’re livin’ in. I was hoping for better “openmindedness” from the RC community, especially those with products!!! <– they should ALWAYS have their minds & ear open for feedback – even if they process it as being not important to them. this does not mean that something else by the same person may have something very relevant AND productive to their intrests, at some time in the future.
    sad, sad, sad.
    Russ from Ocala, Florida, USa

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