Tip: how to secure XT60 plugs

I had a problem with my SkyZone goggles: I was constantly breaking battery cable near XT-60 plug. One not careful enough grip and cable was ripped away. I've decided to fix it and permanently secure the cable with epoxy glue.

Sure, I could use hot glue (that looks ugly) or Sugru (that is expensive), but since few weeks ago I've bought HobbyKing Mid-Cure Epoxy glue, I've decided to use it instead. It worked fantastically!

HobbyKing Mid-Cure Epoxy glue

Solder cables to XT-60 plug pretty close to external coating as possible.

XT60 plug

Now, prepare a "mold" using electrical tape. Just wrap it around plug and cable leaving empty space inside. Prepare epoxy glue and pour it into "the mold".

puring epoxy into mold

After and hour or so, epoxy glue will be hard enough, that electrical tape can be removed. There is no chance I could ever rip this cable from the plug by accident!

protected XT60 plug

2 thoughts on “Tip: how to secure XT60 plugs

  1. that not only LOOKS great but it also LOOKS incredibly secure.
    your process made me wonder if using a mold and hot glue instead of epoxy would work. it would make the hot glue a lot neater. i’m not sure if the tape would removed from the hot glue as well as the it did w/the epoxy.
    great “thinkin’ out of the box” solution!

    Russ from Coral Springs, Fl, usa

    1. Yes, I’ve also wondered that! I’m pretty sure you can remove the tape, if it’s stubborn, use a little Isopropyl alcohol, hotglue just detach from anything when Isopropyl touches it. I’d recommend using a Q-tip, so you don’t break the bond between the hotglue and the actual conector. See how Isopropyl just detaches hotglue on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnJ85Sz1iak at 9:40 min.

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