The new Microsoft Edge is much better that I expected

I’m not shy to switch to a new web browser every few months when needed. I was one of the first users or Firefox when it was still named Firebird (yes, I’m that old). I abandoned Internet explorer without looking back. After all, it was such a bad browser.

New Microsoft Edge web browser

After that, I think I tried everything that was on the market and was not a complete niche: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, New Opera based on WebKit, Firefox again, Chrome again, original Microsoft Edge (which was good but not good enough). The last change happened a few months ago when I switched from Chrome to Firefox again. Why? Google knows too much of me, I needed a simple solution for DNS over HTTPS and Firefox was offering this and a couple of other nice features.

One week ago, I made another switch, this time for the new Microsoft Edge based on WebKit. And you know what? It’s much better than the previous Edge and much better than Firefox. Switching to WebKit was an amazing idea. All the web pages work fine again, YouTube Studio (which I use a lot) does not lag at all, I can use all the Chrome extensions and the browser itself is blazing fast! Really, I had no idea Microsoft made the new Edge that fast. It just feels light compared to Firefox and lighter than Chrome.

On top of that, the migration was surprisingly seamless: pick the source browser, select what you want to import and dadam… passwords and bookmarks imported. No bullshit, no problems.

Microsoft, you did a great job! I love the new Edge!

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