Yes, I know it's few months too late. And it's not really a review but rather, since I was never able to use it or I describe my friends experience with RunCam Split.

I own RunCam Split. I own it for like 2 months now, and it's still in a box. Never connected, never really used. And in the meantime, I've build 2 mini quads are rebuild third. Why is that? Is there something wrong with RunCam Split that I'm not using it anywhere? And not planning to? Let's be quick about it:

RunCam Split camera module and PCB

  1. It might be strange to belive, but **RunCam Split** just do not fit any of my frames! Really. It will not fit any frame with side mounted XT-60 on PDB since XT-60 will either block buttons or USB port. And it will not fit a frame if space is limited from above. OK, I've seen build when someone was able to fit Split, PDB and FC on something like 23mm of height, but then forget about soft mounting and it requires so much effort to do it, that I just doubt it's worth it
  2. Even if it fits your frame, good luck with changing SD card. OK, it's a good SD socket, you will probably never loose a card after a crash, but will be unable to change it too
  3. 650mA of current? 3,25W of electrical power? Really? Separate BEC only for RunCam Split?
  4. Do I really need a battery charging circuit and pads for external battery?
  5. Somehow cable that connects camera with main PCB does not looks very solid to me
  6. Lack of a diode that blocks 5V to appear of power pads when USB is used really is a problem
  7. WiFi module can be inserted in a wrong way (that probably will result in something damaged)

RunCam Split Camera Module

And those were only my own observations. So, sorry RunCam, but no. Almost, but no. The idea has a potential and you were the first ones to explore it. And like majority of first attempts in the history, you failed this time. But I really hope Split 2 is on it's way and it will solve at least some of the problems from above.

RunCam Split In the box