qUark Vision F4: flight controllers designed for INAV

Things are changing in INAV world. Different manufacturers start to realize that world does not end on racing miniquads and people might be interested in other types of flight controllers. Flight controllers that were not designed with racing in mind. And today I can finally show you prototype of such flight controller: qUark F4 Vision

qUark F4 Vision Flight Controller for INAV

qUark F4 Vision Flight Controller for INAV

What is so special about qUark F4 Vision. To be honest, not that much. Setup looks pretty standard:

  • STM32F4 CPU
  • MPU6000 IMU (gyroscope and accelerometer)
  • built-in OSD
  • built-in barometer
  • 8 PWM outputs
  • S.Bus inverter
  • Buzzer port
  • pins for WS2812b RGB LEDs

qUark F4 Vision Flight Controller for INAV

Until now, nothing fancy, right? Good stuff begins when we take a look at details:

  • PMW outputs power rail is separated from the onboard 5V line. That means you can use high voltage servos, as well as do not worry about frying onboard 5V voltage regulator
  • There is no onboard 5V voltage stabilizer. 5V has to provided from external source of your choice
  • It is not 36x36mm with 30.5mm hole spacing. It's still 30.5mm hole spacing, but one side is longer to fit all PWM outputs
  • Bottom side of PCB is flat. There are no electronic components over there. And that means FC can be attached with double-sided adhesive tape. Great for foamies
  • There are 3 fully operational UARTs (1,2 with S.Bus inverter and 4), separate I2C port (not shared with any UART like on all Revo derivatives) and possibility to use Software Serial
  • Special work in progress UIB port that is specific to INAV. It does not do much now, but it might change in the future
  • dedicated pads for HC-SR04/US-100 sonar rangefinder (I have not seen that for a while)

Something different, right? I'm putting mine on my experimental flying wing where it will feel like at home.

qUark F4 Vision Flight Controller for INAV

Like I wrote at the beginning, this is a prototype. It can not be bought yet. But if you are interested, you might email Malcolm at [email protected]

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