Mateksys F411-Wing SE – even smaller F411-Wing

The second half of 2019 belongs to Mateksys? Hard to tell, but they seem to be pulling new interesting flight controllers out of their sleeves! Only yesterday I showed you first images of Mateksys F765-WING and today it is time for Matek F411-WING SE!

Mateksys F411-WING SE

Mateksys F411-WING SE is an improved version of F411-WING from the last year. Still the same CPU and "only" 2 UART ports. But this time it's even smaller thanks to "sandwich style" build.

  • STM32F411 CPU
  • build in PDB with current sensor and BECs
  • 2 motor outputs
  • 4 servo outputs
  • OSD
  • BMP280 barometer
  • 4 ADC channels for: Vbat, Current, RSSI and AirSpeed
  • AirSpeed ADC has a voltage divider and analog APM Pitot tubes can be connected directly to this input
  • Switchable dual camera input: C1 and C2

Mateksys F411-WING SE

Now the best part: it is only 8.5g! Super lightweight, perfect for small airplanes and gliders!

One thought to “Mateksys F411-Wing SE – even smaller F411-Wing”

  1. Have they fixed the video issue so we can stop soildering our ESC to the power cable to reduce noise and distorted video?

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