Jumper T18 Review

Jumper T18 radio transmitter and FrSky R9 receivers

One of the advantages of the Jumper T18 over its competition is the JP5in1 Multiprotocol Module compatibility not only with 2.4GHz FrSky and FlySky receivers but also with Long-Range FrSky 868/915MHz R9 system. At least in theory, because when I got the radio, I could not bind and use any of my R9MM or R9 Mini with the Jumper T18. However, to make it work, all that is required is to update the firmware of Jumper T18, JP5in1 Multiprotocol Module and, in some cases, in R9 receivers.

Jumper T18 Multiprotocol Radio

  • JP5in1 and Jumper T18 will work only with FrSky R9 ACCST FLEX firmware. So make sure you download the latest ACCST FLEX and flash it to your receiver using, for example, this guide
  • Make sure your Jumper T18 has the latest OpenTX version installed. You can download it from the Jumper page and flash to your radio using this guide
  • Update JP5IN1 firmware to the latest from https://downloads.multi-module.org/. Bear in mind that Jumper T18 OpenTX firmware and JP5IN1 firmware are separate entities and flashing only one of them will not solve the problem. Flashing instruction is available here
  • In the OpenTX External RF section select:
    *   MULTI
    • FrSkyR9 (will be at the very end of the list)
    • 868 or 915 MHz frequency, depending on where you are. Europe is 868MHz, US is 915MHz, rest of the world depends on local regulations.
  • Bind and use it as any other R9 transmitter module!

Finally, bear in mind that JP5IN1 has a single power output level and will always transmit at full power. There is just no dynamic output power switching!

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