INAV can do automated landing on fixed wing?

Those of you how subscribed to my YouTube channel should have noticed, that I got an interest in automated landing of fixed wings after RTH in INAV. And the sad truth was that, well, INAV up to 1.7 was unable to do it right. When landing after RTH was enabled (nav_rth_allow_landing = ON) and it was enabled by default, airplane usually started a 20 degrees dive to the ground. One does not has to be a prophet to figure out how it ended.

For example like this:

If not manual override, that would end up in a beautiful crash and probable full rebuild of an airplane.

Luckily, that motivated DigitalEntity enough to something about that, and yesterday I was able to perform (probably the first one ever) a controlled descend after RTH that ended up with an airplane on the ground without any damage. With enough optimism one can call it even a landing. This is how it looked like:

Current implementation is still far from perfect. Although it does not crash, it has a few small problems:

  • No disarm. Throttle is open all the time
  • It happily ignores speed. Both ground and airspeed
  • It also ignores wind, heading and so on

But, to be honest, this is a nice progress. Stay tuned for more changes here, since I’m planning to work on it in the near future.

One thought to “INAV can do automated landing on fixed wing?”

  1. You have a very good point here. On one hand, I noticed that iNav 1.9.3 added a couple of parameters for the landing procedure, although I am not yet there, but that will be after I try RTH no landing. The way the sw is developed, it should work just fine for either choppers or VL aircraft like Osprey, or F35, or you have to have your home setting in the middle of a big, omnidirectional landing field, which is not very common near cities.
    I think that the best way to achieve a reasonable landing is first to bring the plane to a way point, and start the landing procedure from there. How can that be achieved, I don’t know at this point, but is will be the only way I can intend auto landing. Actually, and think I will need two waypoints, one tao achieve a resonable altitud, and the other to start the final according with the vertical speed set for the landing. Finally, based on your comments, I assume when a vertical speed is set, the FC should have control on the throttle, given that the normal process requires throttle and elevator.

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