How to cut Depron

Depron is an amazing material. Light, cheap, waterproof, easy to process and quite durable. Almost everything in RC world can be made from Depron. All one needs is imagination, glue and proper knife. Like I mentioned few times before, I’m cheap, so at the beginning of my adventure with Depron, I was choosing cheap modeling knives. Usually no-name. They had one very serious flaw: knife’s blade had to be replaced every few cuts. And even so, cut was far from perfect.

olfa knives SK-9 and SKB-2

Luckily, I’ve found a perfect, more expensive but cheaper on a long run, solution: Olfa Knives. Especially Olfa SK-9 Knife with SKB-2 Blades. They are sharp, strong and lasts for a long time. When needed, SKB-2 blade can be used without a knife. SK-9 has one disadvantage: there is no lock, so keeping blade extended all the time requires thumb to be used. And that make it hard to switch knife between hands.

But the bottom line is: I love Olfa knives. Not only when working with Depron. They are very useful with dealing with cables, unpacking and so on…

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