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How popular INAV actually is?

Let’s be honest. INAV is not the most popular flight controller software in the world. Both Ardupilot and Betaflight are more popular, and no one can deny that. Still, the question is: how popular INAV actually is and how many people use it on how many builds?

I can not answer most of those questions. First of all, there is no way to know how many drones or airplanes out there use INAV. We have some statistics, but they can not answer this particular question. However, thanks to the way INAV is distributed, it is possible to extract some statistics from GitHub itself. I put up a short script that parses GitHub API and here are the results!

In total, all INAV firmware files since the first release (that was January 2016, 1639 days ago) were downloaded around 1.1 million times! That gives 707 downloads a day!

Is that a lot? Hard to tell, but it’s much more than I expected—around 5 times more than my guestimate. Kudos for us!

While we are here, would you like to know how many times INAV 1.0 was downloaded? 3056 times. Not very impressive number 🙂

5 thoughts to “How popular INAV actually is?”

  1. I started with inav in 2017. All of my models are inav, including the current 7in build that was built strictly for autonomous long distance missions that was to have ardupilot.

  2. I simply love INAV so easy to use and still very smart.
    I like that i also works on many boards, which i am in doubt about if ArduPilot does.
    BetaFlight i dont know how well it works for Airplanes, which is my area of using INAV.

    I hope INAV will continue for a long time and i even like to support with some money if it gets to that point 🙂

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