How FPV looked 2.5 years ago…

A few days ago I went back in time. Or to be more precise I started to browse my photo archive. And I’ve found pictures of my first FPV quadcopter… Oh my… ancient times…

my first FPV setup with OpenPilot

Doesn’t it look awkward? At least a little… But this baby was pretty cool to think about it. At least when I finally learned how not to crash every few minutes. If I remember correctly, the specification was more less like this:

  • Flight controller: CC3D running OpenPilot!
  • Afro ESC 20A with BLHeli
  • Turnigy MT2213 935KV motors
  • 10″ APC props
  • FlySky/Tunigy FS-i6 radio link
  • Some cheap FPV set I’ve found on HobbyKing with VTX, camera and crappy bucket goggles

History… and what was your first FPV setup?

3 thoughts to “How FPV looked 2.5 years ago…”

  1. Thats nothing, I’ve been a true believer since the KK days, it’s the idea of multirotors that lured me into aeromodelling RC, I mean c’mon flying robots!

    Notable examples include my first attempt from sometime in 2010, a KK driven wooden framed 450 class proto quad that broke every time it landed, numerous multiwii and Naze V1 Tri’s and hexacopters and pre DJI 450’s and the groundbreaking Bambu copter, literally a 200 class mini quad with a Naze jammed in and a cam that sat on top before they were really a thing, everyone thought I was mad, they may be right.

    Love this hobby

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