For years, long-range drones were associated with big and purpose build (mainly lightweight) quadcopters. With at least 7-inch propellers, but true long-range started at 8-inches or more. Times changed, and in the 2020, a new class of long-range FPV quadcopters emerged: light, dead-cat frame, 4-inch propellers, weight around 250g, and with flight times somewhere between regular cruisers and purpose build long-range machines. Sure, they are not capable of going as far as "true long-range," but far enough that majority of pilots consider them build for distance.

Diatone Roma F4 LR Long-range drone

The Flywoo Explorer LR 4 is considered as a protoplast of the class. Competion does not sleep and today let's take a look at the Diatone Roma F4 LR


  • Reasonably priced
  • Good build quality
  • Excellent performance out of the box


  • The flight controller (Mamba F4 mini mk3) is not compatible with INAV as it lacks I2C pads.
  • The stock GPS module struggles to get and GPS fix. Even if it gets a 3D fix, the number of acquired satellites is usually low. GPS module replacement is recommended. Matek M8Q-5883 for example

Diatone Roma F4 LR Long-range drone