Dalprop Nepal N1 5″ propellers

This weekend, thanks to Foxeer, I had an opportunity to test flight new Dalprop freestyle props: Nepal N1. Although the name is a puzzle for me, I’m pretty sure Dalprop Nepal N1 might make some stirr!

Dalprop Nepal N1

Anyhow, Nepal series is intended for freestyle although I’m pretty sure you can do some relaxed, non-competitive FPV racing with them as well.

  • diameter: 5,1″
  • pitch: 4,35″
  • weight: 3,7g
  • PoPo compatible
  • material: polycarbonate

Dalprop Nepal N1

The most visible feature of Nepal N1 is that they have heavily swept-back blades. The resemblance to Azure Power propellers is obvious, but they are far from being identical. Blade shape and curvature are different.

Dalprop Nepal N1

After flying a few LiPo packs with those propellers, all I can say is that I like for they perform and for sure will use them a lot.

  • The prop wash is very gentle and easy to tune out. The marketing slogan for Nepal N1 is “No prop wash” but it’s only a slogan. Prop wash is there, but it’s not big and simple to avoid
  • Yaw is responsive but not over-responsive like some heavy pitched props
  • They seem like a nice compromise between very gentle and power lacking props like Ethix S3 and the previous generation of Dalprop propellers know as Cyclone.
  • Nepal N1 feel very precise in flight and I was kind of surprised how easily I was able to navigate between trees and fit into small holes
  • I have no idea what exactly they used to make Nepal N1, but they are bloody tough props! After a few at least moderate crashes, there is still not a single scratch on them and I did not have to replace even a single propeller. All are straight and you can see some evidence of being in use only after a close examination. Very durable indeed
  • Powerlooping is easy again as they do not lack power at the high end and I had no problems to travel back far enough to have enough time and space to hit the gate again. Very nice!
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Dalprop Nepal N1

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