Betaflight vs EmuFlight vs INAV

Which flight controller software flies better out of the box? You know, the stock, default settings, no tuning. Just flash and fly. Betaflight, INAV or maybe EmuFlight? I decided to test it on one of my 5-inch FPV drones and compare: Betaflight vs INAV, Betaflight vs EmuFlight and EmuFlight vs INAV.

The results are divided into 2 separate videos. In the first one, I explain all the rules and present all 3 flight controller software flying the same kwad.

In the second video, it’s time for the results.

FPV drone specification:

Now, if you want to know the results, here they are

  1. The first place goes to Betaflight 4.1.3 – it won thanks to the best filtering and very good propwash handling
  2. The second place goes to INAV 2.4 – good control and moderate propwash. Unfortunately, something was getting through filters and motors were quite audible and punch outs
  3. Third place goes to EmuFlight 0.1.0 – control was good, but heavy propwash and constantly audible motors were spoiling the joy

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