Best drone for Christmas

Christmas is upon us. Less than 2 weeks to be precise. Since drones are such a hot topic, many will want to get one for Christmas, many will want to buy one as a gift. There are so many of them at the market, it’s not a problem to buy one. It’s a problem to choose correct one, so that everybody is happy. Sure, everybody would like to get DJI Inspire 1 for Christmas, but I do not think that’s a point here. So, here are my recommendations for todays question: “What is the best drone for Christmas?

First drone for indoor flying

They are small, they are cheap, they are almost indestructible and rooms are their natural habitat. Nano drones. Excellent idea for a Christmas present. Cool enought to give joy and cheap enough that it will not be huge loss if they will be thrown into a corner or destroyed after few days. Additionally, low weight, low speed and small propellers greatly reduces chance of destroying something or causing injury. In this category I want to recommend Hubsan X4 H107.

Hubsan X4 H107

If budget allows you can think about more advanced version. Slightly more expensive Hubsan X4 H107C is equipped with 0.3MP camera for taking photos and shooting short movies. Much more expensive H107D has even FPV equipment. Slight overkill, but whatever makes you happy…

First drone for outdoor flying

Syma X5C

Much bigger, much faster and providing way more fun: outdoor capable drones. For example Syma X5C. Equipped with 2MP camera for both photography and movie shooting. Big and stron enough to fly outside even in windy weather. Maybe it will not be the best experience ever, but it will fly pretty well.

When budget is not a issue

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

If budget is not a issue, there is no reason to look around and just pick DJI Phantom 3. State of the art quadcopter drone for aerial photography. Period. Prices starts from $699 with 2,7K HD camera and if you want a drone that flies and makes great movies just like that, just pick DJI Phantom. Great hardware, great software, they way I see it, it is worth it.

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