AnyFC F7 Pinout

There is still very little about AnyFC F7 on the internet. Especially pinout is kept secret. Without sambas official GitHub repository for hardware projects, there would be nothing at all. I’ve decided to close that gap a little and prepared full pinout for AnyFCF7.

AnyFC F7 Pinout - Top Side

AnyFC F7 Pinout - Bottom Side

Yes, I know they are hand drawn and scanned, but I have a strong aversion for computer graphics software. I can move a slider left and right, but every time I have to do some creative photoshopping, my head starts to hurt. This is extremely ironic, since my major at university was computer graphics. Heh…

5 thoughts to “AnyFC F7 Pinout”

  1. Dziku, Actually Sambas has the AnyFC F7 SK2016 schematics published in Github.

    The connector references could use some work, instead they are the part number for the connector (SM04B-SRSS-TB). The pins are labels with the connector reference and contact number (X6-1 would be connector U6 silked on the board). Interesting on my board U4 and U5 are combined in a 8 pin connector not two 4 pin.

    What brought me here to see your post was my search for more information on the AnyFC F7. (need more input!) Thank you for your post. It confirms the information I have found so far.

    I own AnyFC F7 and can’t stop playing with it. I do find the lack of information frustrating. (hence hours of searching). I am also fascinated with BetaFlight and how it works. I almost want to understand the complete package. I think the first thing I will do is run through the flight source code. So far it looks like it is every chipset BetaFlight works with. Which is way too much information for me. I guess I will start with isolating just the stuff for this board.

    Any thoughts on the missing component? I can see it Sambas posted picture.
    Anyways, thanks for posting.

  2. I have seen conflicting info on the motor number outputs? Can anyone verify please. Also how should or where should a Spektrum Sat RX be connected?

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