AKK X2-Ultimate 1200mW 5.8GHz video transmitter power test

FPV, right? Long range maybe? With a 5.8GHz system, it’s really hard to call it a long-range but what if you put a ridiculous amount of power on transmitter module? 500mW? 800mW? Nope, not enough. Let’s go big and have a practical look at AKK X2-Ultimate which says it does 1200mW of RF output power! 1.2W put into the aether. Wow…

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One thought to “AKK X2-Ultimate 1200mW 5.8GHz video transmitter power test”

  1. The non-linearity in the whole 5.8 band of the module itself, (not-so?) adapted cables and attenuators + power meter itself can be much more than 6dB. At so high RF frequencies double or half power could be easily measured only by not tightening correctly the SMAs or simply not tuning at the sweet-point frequency of the VTx. Measuring RF power is not like measuring voltage with a 6 digit DMM 🙂 And obviously, no measurement can be considered 99,99% accurate, even if you have expensive RF equipment…
    You could check other frequencies, also… I always use middle-band frequencies (5805MHz), measured with power meter).
    Another problem in the measurements can be the saturation of the power meter, so inserting another 10dB attenuator just for checking could be a good idea (can do that with TBS also).
    BTW, 1000mW (as I understood correctly) IMHO is absolutely OK for a 1,2W module.
    Check the “200mW” cheap modules – most of them are not getting even 50mW – measured by myself (HP power meter + 8GHz Minicircuits attenuators, suming 40+dB)…

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