3D Printed Faceplate for SkyZone SKY-01 FPV goggles

While SkyZone SKY-01 are pretty good FPV goggles, they are not very comfortable. Instead big faceplate, they only have rubber eyecups. This approach works, but well…

Like always, there is a solution: 3D printed faceplate for SkyZone SKY-01. Thingieverse has at least few different designs, but I’ve chose the one from the link above. They fit right and do not have fan adapter which I do not use.

Foam pads for faceplate are a second problem. In first iteration I just uses gray sponge I had at home and white, dense, closed foam from Emax motors and glued everything together with Uhu Por.

It did not looked very well, but worked just fine.

Slightly more professional

For those who are willing few additional bucks, there is and alternative option. Instead of cutting your own foam, one could just buy ready made replacement foam pads for FarShark FPV goggles.

SkyZone SKY-01 with FatShark Foam Pads

2 foam pads costs around $6, but quality is much better than hand cut foam. I switched to those pads and do not regret this decision.

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