3D Printed 433MHz Moxon Antenna With Arm And Snap Mount

It’s still middle of winter here in northern hemisphere, but I’m slowly preparing for next flying season. One of my goals is to push my DIY HC-12 Telelemetry System to a next level. In both range and quality. For quality I’m planning small hardware LTM decoder with LCD. For range, I want to reach at least 1.5km with 9600bps FU3 mode and 2.5km with 1200bps FU4 mode.

For that I need a better antenna. Dipoles are great but they are not directional. One of the simplest directional antennas is Moxon Rectangle. Details aside, its reception cone is wide enough not to use antenna tracker. Just point it into flight direction and fly.

How it will behave in real life is still unknown. For now, I’ve designed 3D printed frame for 433MHz Moxon rectangle (0.8mm copper wire and RG316 antenna cable) with an arm and light stand clip. It can be downloaded from Thingiverse. M3x8 bolts and M3 nuts are required to attach antenna to the arm and arm to the clip. Clip base is attached to light stand with zip ties.

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        1. INAV Configurator 1.6 will include some serial link changes that made 9600bps workable. Probably will make MSP also workable on 1200bps. But LTM is recommended for such low speed

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