2020 European Union Drone Laws – questions and answers

Let's do a "Questions and Answers" about new EU drone regulations that will be (should be) the law starting from June 2020. It's all described in EASA regulations 2019/945 and 2019/947 as well as explained by me over here.

In this video let's talk in-depth about:

  • what will happen when you will be caught flying illegally
  • FPV and BVLOS
  • flying in parks
  • cops will not be able to figure out what goes where
  • 25mW VTX power restriction and how to change that
  • 19m/s speed limitations
  • what about 6S LiPos
  • what about gas and nitro models?
  • what will happen with all DJI drones like Phantom, Mavic, Spark, Inspire and so on

FPV back to the past

Lets go back a few years and let's see how FPV (at least for me) was looking like in 2015 and 2016. Wow… When I watched my old FPV videos from that time I could not belive how bad pilot I was and how superior current hardware as software is. 4 year is a very long period of time in FPV world…

Turboplane aka squirrel-cage propulsion

Today it's time for the next brave step: to maiden this awkward airplane powered by a impeller centrifugal fan and check if it works. To be honest, I'm not that optimistic about it… The efficiency of 3D printed squirrel-cage fan is non-existent and the whole setup generates only around 200g of thrust. In theory, it should be enough to make the airplane fly, but I'm not so sure about it…

The Ultimate Fixed Wing Tuning Guide for INAV

Today, step by step, tuning guide for all of you flying fixed wings (including flying wings) with INAV onboard! No, I will not give you a magical formula: put this here and it's done. It's a real step by step list of what you have to do to tune your fixed-wing airplane. Starting from the center of gravity, rates, servo trimming and finally tuning vital INAV parameters.

Armed Drone Shot Down in the Middle East is a fake news

al-Qaeda origin, armed with explosives DIY drone (it's not the USA drone one that Iran shot down) was supposedly shot down by Syrian Arab Army. It was supposed to be a terrorist attack that was stopped by a heroic effort of brave soldiers. Anyhow, we've seen armed, home built drones before and we will hear about them in the future. Hey, this time we even have pictures of this armed and dangerous drone. The problem is that it just looks like fake news and the proof are the pictures themselves!

The things that I have to do

Let's have a chat about thing highly related to this channel: what it is about, what I have to do, who am I and why you are and why I will try to be just honest. That the earth is flat and there are only two sexes. That this channel is not a free INAV support and affiliate link are the only way to get any kind of money back. That there will be no reviews of things sent by Banggood and I've seen some shit…