INAV Artificial Horizon Drift

INAV is not perfect. One of the most visible INAV problems is horizon drift usually manifesting itself as a tilted artificial horizon in the OSD. You make a sharp turn, artificial horizon goes nuts and it takes some time for it settles down. Kind of irritating. In this video, I will try to explain what is AHI drift, why it happens and how to fight with it. And admit that we do not yet know how to fix it for good.

FrSky X9 Lite radio and what they don’t tell you about it

On a first glace, FrSky X9 Lite looks like a thing you might want to have. As your first radio even when you are entering a hobby, or as a secondary transmitter just in case when the first one dies on you. Theory often does not match reality tho. I doubt there are samples around independent reviewers yet so it will have to wait to know if it’s any good. But until then we can take a look a specification and think if it really looks like a good radio at all…

QmuBeacon – open-source Arduino GPS locator/beacon drone is now public

If too long didn’t watch: it’s a GPS equipped beacon/locator DIY system based on popular radio development boards compatible with Arduino: LoRa32u4 and ESP32 LORA32 working in 868/915MHz band using LoRa modulation. You put a beacon on anything you want to track: airplane, drone, car, boat, wife, husband and use Locator to get distance and heading. Both beacon and locator are battery operated and should have a range of a few kilometers in the air.

Torvol Quad Pitstop Pro drone backpack review

Quad backpack… there are cheap quad backpacks, there are photo backpacks and there are expensive quad backpacks. Currently, I own a quad backpack that belongs to the last category: Torvol Quad Pitstop Pro. After using it for 3 months, it’s time for a review. It’s not an ultimate quad backpack, but probably it is the best quad backpack on the market right. Too bad it’s so bloody expensive…

How to bind FrSky receivers with OpenTX radion: Taranis X9D, Horus X10S and all the other

In today’s “beginners” episodes: how to bind FrSky receivers with OpenTX radios. Almost all receivers: FrSky X8R, X4R, XSR, R-XSR, XM, XM+ but also “long-range” R series like R9, R9 Slim, R9 mini. With all the FrSky (and not only) OpenTX radios: Taranis X9D, Taranis Q7, X-Lite, Horus X10S, Horus X12 and so on… But also Jumper T16 or Nirvana.

7 tips and tricks for smooth HD video on 7-inch quads

7 inch quads are great, but they are tricky. It’s much harder to make them fly smoothly than 5-inchers. It’s just more demanding in term of stiffness, propellers, vibrations, jello and so on. After almost one year of fighting with all those issues, here is my list of 7 tips and tricks how to get a smooth HD video footage on 7-inch quads. Bear in mind that almost all of those tricks apply for 5 and 6 inchers too. They are maybe not that important for great results there.

INAV fw_iterm_limit_stick_position – keep the Iterm under control

PIFF controller in INAV is with us for quite some time now. And it’s working just fine, much better than classic PID when it comes down to airplanes. There is, or rather was, a small problem tho: Iterm. When P and FF components of the controller are not tuned, Iterm might do crazy things that will surface themselves when you release the stick: airplane might either roll-back or do a follow-through.

In this video let’s discuss why this is happening and what INAV 2.1 did to mitigate this problem. Because it did and it’s called fw_iterm_limit_stick_position