inav flight controller

How popular INAV actually is?

Let’s be honest. INAV is not the most popular flight controller software in the world. Both Ardupilot and Betaflight are more popular, and no one can deny that. Still, the question is: how popular INAV actually is and how many people use it on how many builds?

I can not answer most of those questions. First of all, there is no way to know how many drones or airplanes out there use INAV. We have some statistics, but they can not answer this particular question. However, thanks to the way INAV is distributed, it is possible to extract some statistics from GitHub itself. I put up a short script that parses GitHub API and here are the results!

In total, all INAV firmware files since the first release (that was January 2016, 1639 days ago) were downloaded around 1.1 million times! That gives 707 downloads a day!

Is that a lot? Hard to tell, but it’s much more than I expected—around 5 times more than my guestimate. Kudos for us!

While we are here, would you like to know how many times INAV 1.0 was downloaded? 3056 times. Not very impressive number 🙂


EmuFlight Kalman Filter Tuning

The most distinctive feature of the EmuFlight flight controller software is it’s gyro Kalman filter. Yes, the same filter that some people name the dynamic PT1, doubt that it works or calls it magic. I will not discuss if the EmuFlight Kalman works and how it works (it works tho, I have enough time in the air to confirm that). Instead, I will show you how to tune the filter to get your racer’s best performance or a freestyle machine.

EmuFlight Quadcopter Drone

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Radiomaster TX16S

Radiomaster TX16S Teardown – let’s see what’s inside!

Radiomaster TX16S is one of the most exciting premieres of the first half of 2020. Not only it establishes itself as a second most wanted radio transmitter on the market (right behind radios made by FrSky), it brings a few very interesting features to the table as well. Some of them are:

  • Built-in multiprotocol module
  • Hall effect gimbals available as an option
  • USB-C for communication with the radio
  • USB-C charging of the 2S LiIon (18650) battery
  • Color LCD with a touch option
  • Two serial ports
  • TBS Crossfire compatible

Today, let’s open a Radiomaster TX16S multiprotocol radio and let’s see how it is built inside. Does the quality match the price?

inav rover tutorial

How to setup INAV on a rover

INAV 2.5 finally allowed to use INAV and INAV compatible flight controllers to be used on rovers and boats. Finally, INAV supports not only flying vehicles. Bear in mind, that the rover and boat support is not full, and some functionalities might not be working like expected.

What works:

  • Reversible ESC and motors
  • Steering
  • Waypoints
  • Return to home on a straight line without any obstacle avoidance
  • Failsafe

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ritewing mini drak

Ritewing Mini Drak Center of Gravity

Ritewing Mini Drak is a fantastic R/C airplane. Fast, stable, and thanks to smooth lines and negative swept wing, it looks great. Thanks to negative wing sweep and a long nose, it has a very unusual center of gravity (CG). Mini Drak’s CG is located almost at the leading edge of wings.

Mini Drak Center Of Gravity

The Center of gravity should be measured from the front edge of the front wing spar.

  • For beginners as well during maiden flight it should be located around 25mm (1″) in front of the front wing spar
  • It can be moved back to approximately 20mm (0,8″) from the front edge of the front wing spar for advanced pilots.

Remember that correct setup of the center of gravity (CG) is critical for stable flight!

Long-Range FPV tips

Long-Range FPV Tips

Long-range FPV is one of the hardest aspects of the modern R/C hobby. Not only will you be sending your foam airplane of drone miles and miles above the line of sight range, if anything goes wrong, but you will probably never recover your UAV. Dead servo, burned motor, broken linkage, or just depleted battery equals crash. Finding your model miles away is extremely hard even if you know the GPS coordinates and last known position. Before making a first long-range flight, do everything you can to ensure your airplane or a drone will come back safely.

Ritewing Mini Drak

Long-Range FPV Airplane Mini Drak

Here are tips about how to do that. But bear in mind, that I will skip the most obvious tips like:

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Diatone Hey Tina Whoop162

Diatone Hey Tina Whoop162 with FalcoX

I will be very frank with you: I do not like those tiny whoops. You know, 2″ and smaller propellers, plastic frame, a camera on top. You know, those almost cheapest FPV drones you can get. I’m saying that builds like BetaFPV 65X or Emax Tinyhawk are bad. I just do not like to fly them. Somehow flying indoor is not my thing and I do not have enough space in my home to do it. And taking those tiny things outside makes little sense. So, bottom line: not my thing.

Diatone Hey Tina Whoop162

When I was contacted to make a review of Diatone Tiny Whoop162 my first reaction was: meh… To be honest, I would turn the offer down and choose something more suited for my flying style, but then there was one thing that made me change my mind. The unit I was offered what flashed with FlightOne FalcoX and I wanted to give it a try for some time now. A few weeks later Tiny Whoop162 landed on my desk and this is my original impression of it. Bear in mind, I will ignore the FalcoX for now and concentrate only on the hardware itself. Continue reading “Diatone Hey Tina Whoop162 with FalcoX” »