Mozilla Firefox is in serious trouble

Mozilla Firefox browser is in a serious trouble

Believe it or not, but Mozilla Firefox (back in the days when it was still called Mozilla Firebird) was the first modern web browser. Even in early beta stages, it was so much better than Internet Explorer, that almost anybody who tried it, dropped IE and just used Firefox instead.

Of course, over the year, the saying “the best is the enemy of the good” was once again proven to be true. No matter how to look at it, WebKit is a better web engine, Chromium is a better browser foundation and Chrome is just a better browser than Firefox. It’s lighter, faster, better supported, more extensions and backed up by the biggest tech company out there: The Google itself. Read More

what is pid controller

What is a PID controller and how it works?

The whole FPV hobby, and especially multirotor drones, work only thanks to control theory and PID controllers. They are the only thing that separates chaos and immediate flip-over from a stable flight. A regular multirotor has at least 3 PID controllers. If you enable any mode with self-leveling, the number goes to 6. Any GPS assisted mode increases the number to at least 12.

Of course, the PID controllers we think when we think about when we say about multirotors, are Rate PID controllers. They keep our drones stable by keeping angular velocity at desired levels. And usually, they are the ones that have to be tuned to achieve a nice, smooth and stable flight.

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A very cool, futuristic looking, 3D printed quadcopter frame

I love this part of me being a creator and an influencer, where I can show you some amazing things created by other people. And today, the joy is double, because it is an extremely cool frame designed by a guy from Spain that goes under the nickname of Micrathene FPV.

3-inch 3d printed FPV drone frame

What it is? Well, like I mentioned, it is a fully 3D printed 3″ FPV frame with a place for a GPS, FPV camera and (yes, I’m not joking on that) camera tilt! There is enough space inside for a servo and a camera mount is pivoting by default.

3-inch 3d printed FPV drone frame

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Betaflight vs EmuFlight vs INAV

Which flight controller software flies better out of the box? You know, the stock, default settings, no tuning. Just flash and fly. Betaflight, INAV or maybe EmuFlight? I decided to test it on one of my 5-inch FPV drones and compare: Betaflight vs INAV, Betaflight vs EmuFlight and EmuFlight vs INAV.

The results are divided into 2 separate videos. In the first one, I explain all the rules and present all 3 flight controller software flying the same kwad.

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What is EmuFlight?

Here is a short story of what is EmuFlight, how it differs from Betaflight and should you even care?

To answer the question. Yes, you might want to take a look at it. It is different enough from Betaflight to consider it as a separate flight controller. And some people say it really fly great…

matrix filter

EmuFlight and INAV Matrix Filter

Matrix Filter will have its premiere together with EmuFlight 0.3.0 and INAV 2.5. Which of those two will happen first is still unknown. After originally developing Matrix Filter for INAV, I also ported it to EmuFlight code and already some time ago they accepted my code proposal and merged it.

You have to admit, that the name is quite catchy. Matrix Filter for sure sounds very sci-fi. It’s not that sci-fi tho. It’s just an evolution of dynamic gyro notch filters known from Betaflight for quite some time. Instead of having a one-dimensional filter structure, it is a 3×3 filter matrix that works like this: Read More

A brief history of a flight controller – From MultiWii to Betaflight and beyond

I will tell you the history of probably the most successful family of Open Source flight controllers: MultiWii that continues its life today as Betaflight, EmuFlight, and INAV. Other families like OpenPilot were not that successful and practically died. On the other hand, the history of ArduPilot is not that interesting and we can leave it for the other time.

Wii and Arduino make MultiWii

Believe it or not, but it all began with a Nintendo Wii controller: Nunchuck. Why? It was the most obvious source of gyros in the early days. You pry open one Nintendo Nunchuck, get gyro out, connect it to Arduino, flash it with MultiWii and you have made you your very own DIY flight controller. Yeap, the “Wii” in MultiWii was taken from the Nintendo Wii itself. If DIY was not your thing, you always had the option of buying ready boards like KK for example. Read More

INAV on rovers, boats, crawlers, tanks and other ground vehicles

What can INAV do? Well…. it can fly your multirotor drone and a fixed-wing airplane. And it can do it pretty nicely! Unfortunately, that is all it can do. Now, at least.

Every year or so, I’m building an RC airboat and always wanted to build a rover based on some kind of an RC crawler. Running those things without any flight controller is more than fine, but I always wanted to have at least RTH capability. You know, when something happens a few hundred meters into the lake and you really do not want to swim there to recover the boat. And no, you really do not want to do it. Read More