If not HC-SR04 then what? US-100 maybe….

A week ago I wrote that HC-SR04 ultrasonic rangefinder is crap and it is still true. Only around 1m useful range and very jumpy behavior above are at least problematic…

There is a better solution. US-100 ultrasonic rangefinder. Comparing to HC-SR04, it has at least twice the useful range. My preliminary tests gave solid readout over concrete up to 2 meters and something. Let’s call it 2 meters. But what more important, US-100 was reporting out-of-range state instead of some random values when being out of range! Huge step forward comparing to HC-SR04.

us-100 is much better than HC-sr04

Unfortunately, better does not mean good. US-100 also has some problems.

us-100 is much better than HC-sr04 ut still not good

Readouts becomes “jumpy” at the edge of useful range and they are far far away from declared. But OK, declared always means “perfect conditions”. Still, trust me on this, comparing to this, HC-SR04 is crap…

9 thoughts to “If not HC-SR04 then what? US-100 maybe….”

  1. Good Comparison, and maybe i’m missing some more of this post, (to me, you seemed to have ended it with an elipses (…). and i was REALLY hoping to get an idea of what time-frame were the square-wave jumps you showed us in the “but not perfect” scope reading? was it a millisecond from start to finish of the noise, or was that over a second or so… that would make a big difference in how to deal with it.
    keep up the great work.

    Russ from Coral Springs, Florida, USA

  2. its not about comparing the comparisons ……its just that we’ve been accustomed to your focus on what’s new/innovative/or somehow special ….. none of which is the case here about good old US-100
    What about Maxbotix offerings ?

  3. I’m seeing reports that the US-100 is discontinued? Can anyone verify that, or is it just out of stock pretty much everywhere?

    1. Well, I managed to get my hands on a pair of them for my project. (One to be used, plus a spare in case I screw it up, or it gets damaged.)

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