Paweł Spychalski

Welcome to Quad Me Up, a small blog concentrated on quadcopter drones. But not only that. There are (or will be) entries about electronics, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, DIY, maybe few words about software development.

My name is Paweł Spychalski. I come from Szczecin, Poland, but for the last few years, I work in Berlin, Germany. My profession is software development. Mainly web technologies (JavaScript, CSS, PHP) but I also do the backend in MySQL, Java, Python. Full-stack.

I got into RC hobby in late 2014 when I bought the first cheap multirotor: UDI U829A. From that point, it went very fast. A year later I had several quadcopters, built wooden quadcopter frames and Depron fixed-wing airplanes. And I write about all that.

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