Hm, to be honest, I’m not sure what to think about it and the fact that BlHeli AS (company that develops and sells BLHeli 32 licenses) is closing operations as it was impacted by the export control regulations towards Russia. In other words, sanctions. We will not go into geopolitical aspects of things, but let’s concentrate on the impact on RC and FPV hobby . This is much more interesting.

BLHeli_32 is dead

First thing is that everybody has to understand that this impacts ONLY new BLHeli 32 ESC and probably upgrade process, as well source code availability for open source BLHeli. So, once license pools ESC manufacturers already purchased are still valid and as long as they have them, they might still produce new ESC. It’s also 100% probable that someone will just ignore BlHeli AS and will start flashing new ESC without license. If BlHeli 32 is closing, who will chase them? At the moment we also have to assume that it will not be possible to update ESC to latest versions as nobody will be developing BlHeli 32 anymore.

But, this does not mean your ESC will stop working! If you have a drone, it will continue to fly just like before. Also, I would not expect ESC shortage on a longer run! You have to understand, BlHeli 32 is not the only software on the market. There is AM32, BlueJay, original BlHeli and ESCape32. The fact that new licenses for BLHeli 32 are not available means ESC manufacturers will switch to the competition.

And yes, this is true. I got confirmation that this is very much happening!

So, it will be fine! And happy flying!