BetaFPV Meteor65 Pro with INAV

Believe it or not, but INAV is quite good in many things, not only airplanes and long range drones. It is perfect for flying Tiny Whoops as well! Hell, it’s even quite good at it. INAV 7.1 will have an unofficial target for the BETAFPVF411 that power a lot of whoops: Meteor65 pro, Meteor75Pro, Meteor 85 and similar. You are free to test it by yourself! Firmware can be downloaded from the link below. You will need INAV Configurator 7.0 or INAV Configurator 7.1.

Bear in mind, SPI ELRS receiver is not supported, it has to be serial port connected receiver

INAV 7.1 firmware for BetaFPV F411 flight controllers: Meteror 65 Pro, Meteor 75 Pro and similar