The Walksnail Avatar FPV system just got a huge upgrade. The Goggles X, as the next generation of Avatar goggles are called, solve a few major problems known from previous model. You get HDMI and Analog input. It’s possible to use Goggles X with Walksnail, Analog FPV and even HDZero. Only if you figure out how to attach receivers to those goggles.

New goggles have a user replaceable video receivers. If in the future Walksnail releases upgraded video link (and they stated they want to do it in 2024) you will be able to just swap the receiver board instead of buying new goggles. On top of that, SD Card slot is finally in easily accessible place and goggles fit into case with antennas installed. OK, you maybe loose power switch, but new changes are a very nice step forward! I’m looking forward to the summer 2024 when Caddx Walksnail should present new receivers and video transmitters.