Everybody wants NVIDIA RTX series graphic cards. OK, not literally everybody, but gamers and cryptocurrency miners want to have at least RTX 3060. Add high demand to low supply and prices will skyrocket like crazy. Now, NVIDIA wants to make one more group of people crave for RTX series graphic cads: streamers.

Yes, those streamers from Twitch, YouTube, and other video platforms. Plus, other people that are into audio and video processing. How NVIDIA wants to achieve that? By putting AI (?) on the RTX GPU to process audio and video and apply effects like noise removal, background removal, or background replacement. You know, having a green-screen and chroma key without a real green-screen behind your back.

Does it work? Yes, to some extent, it works just like they say it should. You can do stuff that is better in quality than Zoom or Google Meet video operations. But it’s not that good to actually replace the green-screen and chroma key. It’s just not good enough.