Like every six months or so, it’s my great pleasure to give you the next release of INAV flight controller software. The INAV 3.0 is the next major release that brings multiple new features to the table. And this time, both multirotor and fixed-wing pilots will find something interesting for sure.

INAV 3.0 is almost here

The full list of changes is very long, so let me just list the ones that I find the most interesting.

INAV 3.0 general features

  • DSHOT beeper is enabled by default if DSHOT ESC protocol is selected
  • RC via MAVLink & MAVLink V2 Support
  • Gyro processing improvements
    • Gyro is always processed as fast as possible without jitter and PID loop follows. In general, looptime configuration is no longer required
    • gyro_sync is gone, INAV no longer does a wait cycle trying to get the next set of data from the gyro.
    • Gyro data acquisition is no longer part of the main PID task
    • Gyro data is acquired with a constant rate of 4kHz and filters with an anti-aliasing filter gyro_anti_aliasing_lpf_hz. In normal circumstances, there is no need to change this setting
    • All the other filters are running as part of the main PID task as before
    • The gyro low-pass filter gyro_lpf_hz was renamed to gyro_main_lpf_hz
  • Compass orientation improvements
  • Prearm mode
  • BMI088 IMU support
  • BNO055 Secondary IMU support. This is an experiemntal function that allows to connect BNO055 IMU chipset to get 6DOF data and use it on top of internal INAV IMU.
  • General purpose PID controllers integrated into the Programming Framework

INAV 3.0 for multirotor pilots

  • Turtle mode - If you use DSHOT, you can flip your quad back up after crash just like you can in Betaflight or EmuFlight
  • Alpha-Beta-Gamma gyro filtering
  • Smith Predictor for gyro data
  • Dynamic gyro LPF
  • Option not to slow down when approaching a waypoint during Missions

INAV 3.0 for ariplane pilots

  • D-term for airplane PID controller
  • New Autotune that tunes PIDs and Rates
  • Continous servo autotrim
  • Return-To-Home Spiral Climb option
  • Improved flight performance for rudder quipped airplanes

Where to get?

More details are available on INAV release page

To use INAV 3, you will need INAV Configurator 3.0