Want to fly longer with a drone? Here is what you have to do!

I will keep it short: drones are not designed for a long flight. Sure, you can put bigger props, bigger batteries and make it lighter, but comparing to even simplest airplanes, there is nothing to compare.

The conclusion is: try airplanes. They are cheap, simple, easy to fly with modern flight controllers and are much more efficient than drones!

2 thoughts on “Want to fly longer with a drone? Here is what you have to do!”

  1. i’m not sure what kind of reply-rate you get from your “QMU”‘s. in my case, i usually get to your video part and watch it on YouTube, and if i have a comment, i leave it there, and therefore you don’t get a reply back here. sorry about that, but realize that whatever feedback you get here, there are probably more that are watching & reading these, so please keep up the great work. i liked this one because i get what you were saying. many years ago i did fly fixed wing, but over the past few years it has been quads. but your thoughts about if one wants to GET to places far away (and hopefully return), then it makes more sense to use the FW approach.
    i watch/listen/read virtually everything you put out there, so keep it up. (well, not JUST because of me, but i’m SURE there are so many others.) also, not many have the ‘whatever it takes’ to be able to get across good content in an interesting and entertaining way as those of your ilk can.
    thanks for everything you do. i know that a lot of it must seem like work, but you make everything seem so effortless.

    Russ from Coral Springs, Florida, USA

  2. Now we have 4g on the disco with a pan mod also we are getting two hour flights so yes your right fixed wing kills quads for distance and airtime everytime. And now Ardupilot is so easy to fly 4g have guys doing 6 to 10 hour flights its getting crazy, once the petrol chargers are shrunk more I think we will se hobbiest flying to other countries.
    I mean if a guy could fly from the US to Irland 16 years ago just imagine when we can fly by gps full control. Or shorthand. It’s an exciting time to be in model FW.

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