Video: 6 waypoints automatic mission with INAV

Below is a video I’ve recorder 2 weeks ago, showing almost fully automatic mission performed by INAV. The only “non automatic” phase in this flight was take off.

Besides regular nice views, this video presents a feature that will be available in future INAV 1.2: refactored and greatly improved MAGHOLD controller. MAGHOLD known from previous versions was very simple: rotation rate was dependent on a difference between actual and desired heading without any processing. Not only that, rotation speed was also strictly dependent on MAGHOLD P-gain and yaw rate. While this worked pretty nice for holding desired heading, it did not worked well in WAYPOINT or RTH modes when UAV was forced to rapidly change heading. Turns were usually too fast, could have caused roll/pitch instability and not smooth.

Because of that, INAV 1.2 will introduce new CLI setting mag_hold_rate_limit that limits the angular speed of rotation that MAGHOLD can require from UAV. At default 90 degrees per second it behaves almost like before. But it can be lowered to, for example, 30 degrees per second, and then, 180 degrees turn will take whole 6 seconds, instead of 2 or less like in older versions of INAV. Additionally LPF filter has been added to prevent any rapid heading jumps in MAGHOLD mode. And it does not affect manual turning. Pilot can still have fast yaw response in manual mode, and slow in WAYPOINT/RTH.

Effect? Take a look at this video recorder with mag_hold_rate_limit lowered to 25 degrees per second. Nice, smooth and long cinematic turns.

But that’s not all planned for INAV 1.2. There will be more!

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