Very custom FPV quadcopter for my daughter

When few months ago my older daughter (10 years old) started to express interest in FPV quadcopters, I was both happy and concerned. Happy, since I would have someone to fly with. Concerned, since she has no idea how to fly, I do not have a quadcopter for her and there is a big chance she will get bored fast. So, instead of getting her a brand new, cheap, standard off-the-shelf drone, I checked my repository of “spare” parts and drones, purchased this and that and week later “Omlette du fromage” came to life…

Scarab Knife 200 cartoon sticker bomb

Frame, motors, ESCs, camera and VTX are from CarbonBird Scarab Knife 200 quadcopter that I never really liked to fly. Not that is was a bad design (it is not the best either), I just do not like how 4″ props behave. There is not enough “grip” for me…

Scarab Knife 200 cartoon sticker bomb

Back to the business… The most important part when working on this build was to make it look special. It do not has to fly supeb, but it has to look “good”. This is why, the whole frame was covered with “sticker bomb” with cartoon characters (this is for a 10 years old girl after all). This also explains the name I gave this build: “Omlette du fromage” is famous quote from Dexter’s lab cartoon and just look whos face is in the back… Yes, it is Dexter himself!

Scarab Knife 200 cartoon sticker bomb

Comparing to original Scarab Knife 200 there were other changes too. I’ve replaced custom PDB with integrated OSD (Andromeda or something) and even more exotic AIR3 F3 with common Matek PDB-XPW power distribution board and popular Airbot Omnibus F4 flight controller. Thanks to this, there is an OSD (Betaflight integrated), current meter and SmartPort telemetry via X4R-SB and DIY inverter.

Final touches are printed with white PLA ESC protectors (custom design) and also while PLA antenna protector.

Scarab Knife 200 cartoon sticker bomb

So far, this is my prettiest build. Maybe not the best, but prettiest for sure…

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