Originally, this post was supposed to be very positive review of Thunder QQ Super Multicopter Flight Controller unit. But, unfortunately, it will not. Why? I received my unit damaged. Only M1 and M2 ESC outputs were working. Other 4 ESC outputs were damaged and ECS were unable to arm. So, instead of a review it will be a description of a product... Too bad.

Thunder QQ Super Flight Controller

Thunder QQ Super is a simple entry level multicopter flight control unit. It supports quad and hexa-copter configuration and requires at least 4 channel Rx system. Additionaly QQ Supper supports auto-level feature and this is more less all about it.

Thunder QQ Super Multicopter

Like I wrote previously, it is entry level unit. Forget about programming, USB connection, gain for each axis or any other advanced feature. It is supposed to do only one thing: keep your quad in the air. Period. This is why, the only functions/setups it supports are:

  • select radio receiver type: Standard, S.Bus, DSM2, DSMX using DIP switch
  • select copter type: Quad (I-4, X-4) or Hexa (I-6 or X-6)
  • calibrate receiver midpoints with a push of a button
  • set gain using potentiometer
  • calibrate sensor/gyro/accelerometer with Tx unit
  • unlock motors
  • lock motors

Thunder QQ Super with Turnigy  TGY-iA6In theory, should work like a charm. Almost plug-and-play. Unfortunately, like I wrote before, my unit was damaged and only 2 motor channels were operational. So, instead of review, one sentence: perhaps you should not buy one and invest in something slightly better.

Finally, scan of manual: