Thunder QQ Super Multicopter Flight Controller

Originally, this post was supposed to be very positive review of Thunder QQ Super Multicopter Flight Controller unit. But, unfortunately, it will not. Why? I received my unit damaged. Only M1 and M2 ESC outputs were working. Other 4 ESC outputs were damaged and ECS were unable to arm. So, instead of a review it will be a description of a product… Too bad.

Thunder QQ Super Flight Controller

Thunder QQ Super is a simple entry level multicopter flight control unit. It supports quad and hexa-copter configuration and requires at least 4 channel Rx system. Additionaly QQ Supper supports auto-level feature and this is more less all about it.

Thunder QQ Super Multicopter

Like I wrote previously, it is entry level unit. Forget about programming, USB connection, gain for each axis or any other advanced feature. It is supposed to do only one thing: keep your quad in the air. Period. This is why, the only functions/setups it supports are:

  • select radio receiver type: Standard, S.Bus, DSM2, DSMX using DIP switch
  • select copter type: Quad (I-4, X-4) or Hexa (I-6 or X-6)
  • calibrate receiver midpoints with a push of a button
  • set gain using┬ápotentiometer
  • calibrate sensor/gyro/accelerometer with Tx unit
  • unlock motors
  • lock motors

Thunder QQ Super with Turnigy  TGY-iA6In theory, should work like a charm. Almost plug-and-play. Unfortunately, like I wrote before, my unit was damaged and only 2 motor channels were operational. So, instead of review, one sentence: perhaps you should not buy one and invest in something slightly better.

Finally, scan of manual:

17 thoughts to “Thunder QQ Super Multicopter Flight Controller”

  1. Super cool gyro. Works great on my X525 quadcopter. Just follow exactly the instructions per your setup and set the gain around half-way; calibrate the transmitter and set level. On my X525 it is perfectly stable with no oscillations at 45% [less than half-way]. Test flights with Fast forward flight tilts the copter about 45 degrees and immediately auto levels when you release back to stick center. X525 quadcopter; 1000kv motors; 30a esc; 10×4.5 props; Lemon RX DSM2´╗┐

      1. Any chance you could help me with my quad? I can’t seem to get 2 of the 4 motors to spin. I have manually calibrated the escs, but when I hook it all up only two spin. The other two just beep and twitch. Help would be much appreciated. Super QQ and Flysky FS T6. Thank you

          1. The way I see it there is no reason not to buy proper flight controller. Way better than QQ Super. I suggest Naze32 or Flip32 and use Cleanflight software

          2. Thanks for the feedback, I installed a Naze32 and now I am am good to go. So much easier. Super QQ was just brutal for me.

  2. After I calibrate each esc and motor, I hook everything up turn on the transmitter and controller,
    none of the motors turn, it just beeps, green light shows it on I can arm the controller, but it just beeps continually

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