The news – INAV 2.1, Betaflight RPM filter, IMU-F goes open source and Matek 4in1 ESC with SerialShot

In this episode of The News

  • INAV 2.1 is here and we have a lot of code waiting for INAV 2.2
  • Betaflight 4.0 is coming closer and closer together with RPM filter that analyzes RPMs of motors (via ESC telemetry) to set up very narrow notches. What a nice idea!
  • Something very fresh in terms of hardware: Mateksys aka Matek has built their own 4in1 ESC. But instead of doing what everybody else is doing (putting 4 separate BlHeli ESCs on one board) the wrote their own ESC firmware, flashed a single STM32F405 with it and called it a day. Of course it took much longer than a day (a year) but finally something very very fresh in the 4in1 ESC world! Kudos, I can not wait for the actual hardware

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