The mysterious FrSky R9 Mini antenna – good for EU 868MHz?

FrSky R9 radio system is storming the RC hobby. It’s super cheap after all. But there are problems: EU version is facing a lot of problems and people like to replace original antennas with something else.
Last week I was asked to check what is going on with antennas shipped with FrSky R9 Mini. After all, the same hardware can be used both for FCC 915MHz and EU 868MHz version. Is the antenna tuned somewhere in between? Or not so much?

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One thought to “The mysterious FrSky R9 Mini antenna – good for EU 868MHz?”

  1. I real need some help binding my r9 mini. Flashed module and receiver with the latest eu_lbt firmware and swapped antenna with eu antenna. But it wont bind with my module in my taranis. What am I doing wrong?

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