The most popular flight controller for INAV – Q4 2017

It's been a few month since, for the last time, I presented to you the most popular flight controllers used together with INAV firmware. So, as you can suspect, it is time for the next one. This time, I've looked into last 3 months of the year 2017: October, November, and December.

Important, this is not the number of boards flashed with INAV, but rather the number of times a board was connected to Configurator!
This counts TARGET software name, not retail name. For example, all clones of Naze32 will be counted as Naze32

Board name Q4 Share [%] Gain/Loss comparing to Q3 [pp]
SP Racing F3 22 -4
Omnibus F4 Pro 18 +3
Naze32 15 -5
Omnibus F3 11 -1
Omnibus F4 v3 8 +5
Omnibus F4 v1 4,5 +0,5
Matek F405 4 +3,5
SP Racing Evo 3 -0,5
CC3D 3 -0,5
Revolution 1 -0,5

Remaining 10% of market share is distributed among other targets.

As you can see, Omnibus F4 series dominates. All revisions of this board have 30,5% share when combined. Also, all F3 and F1 based flight controllers are giving ground to much more powerful STM32F4. To compare, in August 2017, all F4 boards had 25% when combined. Right now they have 39% market share when combined. And this is good!

CPU Family (TOP 10 only) Q4 Share [%] Gain/Loss comparing to Q3 [pp]
STM32F1 20 -6
STM32F3 40 -6
STM32F4 40 +12

Another good news is that share of OSD equipped flight controllers is also growing. In August 2017, 47% of boards were equipped with OSD. Now it is 50,5%.

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  1. Thanks! F4s certainly growing in popularity. Also, this is weird on the Matek, as I don’t believe you can access I2C bus. Would then be for wings only?

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