The last year was a good year in terms of new radio transmitters. It's no longer a choice between FlySky and FrSky. We have new players and new products. Below is my, very subjective, overview of the most interesting radios on the market.

Still the best - FrSky X10S Horus

FrSky X10s Horus

In my very personal opinion, FrSky X10S Horus is the best option out there. Some might argue that the shape is not the best, or gimbals are not in the "perfect" place. Perhaps. On the other hand, I do not find those things an issue and I use my X10S for 2 years now. Amazing gimbals, good layout, great LCD and ergonomics. If I would have to find a real-life problem with the Horus, it would be a small battery. You really have to charge it after every trip to the airfield. Besides that, perfect!

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The contender - Jumper T16 Pro

Jumper T16 Pro

If you do not like the price tag and the shape of FrSky X10 Horus, then you should like Jumper T16 Pro. Imagine X10S without a Bluetooth module and in a case that looks more like Taranis and you have a Jumper T16 Pro. With Pro you get internal 2.4GHz module, Hall gimbals, and USB charger. Don't get me wrong, I find Horus a better radio, but Jumper is just good enough!

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FrSky Taranis Q X7S

taranis qx7s carbon edition

Why Taranis Q X7S and not much cheaper Q X7? Simple: buying non-Hall effect gimbals in 2020 makes little sense if you are not buying the cheapest radio out there. Of course, you want "good" band and not spend on Q X7S, you can buy regular X7. But I would prefer Jumper T16 over X7. Anyhow, the small Taranis is still a very good option in 2020 and if you are looking for a solid radio that had decent quality control during the manufacturing process, Q X7S is for you.

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The cheapest - FlySky FS-i6X

flysky i6x

What can I say... i6X is amazing for the price. Ergonomy sucks, software sucks, gimbals suck. But when combined together, components that suck independently make a radio that just works. Not great, not terrible. Perfect for beginners that have no idea if they will like the hobby and just wants to try it out. After all, it's cheaper to buy and not use a $50 radio than $200 radio. Right?

But please remember: FS-i6X, not FS-i6. The one without X has only 6 channels and you would have to flash it to unlock remaining 4 channels. Not really worth the effort.

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