The best GPS module for INAV

This is my personal best GPS module for INAV: Beitian BN-880 based on Ublox Neo-M8N. Currently I have 3 pieces of BN-880, all works just great, and if I will have a need to have another one, I would also choose it.

Why? It really works well. On the outside it gets a solid 3D fix in less than a minute. It even can get a fix with 9-10 sats in a center of a city when only a small piece of sky is visible simply by lying on a windowsill. It take time, but works.

Beitian BN-880 - best GPS module for INAV?

I never had any problems with in during flights too: all 3 modules I own are just very reliable.

Second of all, with a price of less than $20, its value for money ratio is just unbeatable. OK, it’s not a perfect. Just take a look how thick it is:

Beitian BN-880 from the side

But for less than $20, I really can not complain. Who offers more?

4 thoughts to “The best GPS module for INAV”

  1. Hi,

    i’m testing the BN-880 with iNav on a Maytek F722 … position hold function works bad, if i see the gps coordinates via telemetry on my FrSky Receiver, they change with much lag … what can be the problem?

  2. I also vote for the BN-880, been using a couple for a few years now, always work well, they get a fix quickly and and I usually end up with 15 sats locked. They work better than a few other modules I’ve tried, and for multi rotors the included mag is a necessity, I’ve never managed to get Inav working well with the FC’s mag, too much magnetic interference. Accuracy is good, when I let it land itself it always lands within 30cm of take off point.

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