Matek VTX-1G3, VRX-1G3 and ANT-Y1200 ready for testing

The upcoming 1.2GHz FPV system from Matek called 1G3, where VTX-1G3 is the transmitter and VRX-1G3 is the transmitter and ANT-Y1200 is the antenna, are ready for some flights!

Matek VRX-1G3 connected to Fat Shark HDO FPV goggles

So far I have a couple of remarks:

  1. VRX-1G3 fits nicely inside a standard Far Shark receiver bay and you can use the standard bay cover too. SMA connector is in the correct place! The standard cover blocks access to the button that is used to change channels. You can not change channels from the goggles menu.2. ANT-Y1200 has a nice stiff coax cable and you can position it however you want
  2. ANT-Y1200 is much bigger than antennas used for 5.8GHz FPV and it’s much harder to find a good place to position it on a model.4. VTX-1G3 is luckily small enough to fit in many places and does not overheat. Even when powered from 4S it stays relative cold (50C) at 28dBm of output power. I got the word it’s because of much more efficient energy conversion that is possible with 1.2GHz band

Matek VTX-1G3 and ANT-Y1200 on a Flybot Flux

Matek 1G3 VTX and VRX – Long Range 1.2GHz FPV video link that fits your goggles!

There a few things that I can be sure of in life. One of them is that every time I receive a DHL package from Matek, there is something very interesting inside!

Matek 1G3 VTX and VRX 1.2GHz FPV video link

This time, for example, is a pre-production sample of a new FPV transmitter and receiver. This time it’s not 5.8GHz but 1.2GHz. Long Range FPV, here I come!

Matek 1G3 VTX and VRX 1.2GHz FPV video link

Probably the best feature of Matek 1G3 receiver is that it is Fat Shark receiver module compatible! You can just plug it into your FPV goggles or a ground station receiver like Furious FPV Dock-King!

It comes with Matek made 1.2GHz PCB antennas as well!

Matek 1G3 1.2GHz FPV receiver

Matek VTX-1G3 and Matek VRX-1G3 are available on Banggood.

Eachine TX805 5.8GHz 800mW video transmitter hands on

I have something like a personal problem with “the best FPV transmitter manufacturer”. It’s about ideology. So, when a few weeks ago I had to order a few 5.8GHz transmitters, I had something like a problem. With TBS Unify Pro on my “not wanted” list, the “wanted” list got somehow short.
I do own a few Matek HV VTXes and I’m quite happy with them. But I can not always buy the same thing, so when I saw Eachine TX805 for slightly more than $15 I’ve decided to give it a try.

Eachine TX805 video transmitter 800mW SmartAudio

It appeared in the mail today and here are some first thoughts about it.

Eachine TX805 video transmitter 800mW SmartAudio

First of all, it’s slightly bigger than I expected and in fact, it almost looks like a clone of Matek HV VTX. Not that it’s bad or something, it’s just not what I expected.

Eachine TX805 video transmitter 800mW SmartAudio

RF circuitry is shielded. And that is good. I only wonder if there is any kind of thermo-pad between shielding and RF components. I hope since at 800mW heat can kill electronics pretty easy. I like MMCX connector since u.fl sucks so much. I also like the fact that all the connectors are solderable. I prefer that over JSTish connectors. A pretty bulky choke allows me to suspect that built-in 5V voltage stabilizer of the camera is at least decent as well. On the other hand, soldering on MMCX does not look “high quality”. But hey, I got it for $15.99, I can not expect too much, right?

Eachine TX805 video transmitter 800mW SmartAudio

What else in a box? RP-SMA pigtail, whip antenna, and a short manual. It’s a nice touch about that manual. It’s quite nice and written in understandable English language!

Eachine TX805 video transmitter 800mW SmartAudio

Eachine TX805 5.8GHz 40CH 800mW video transmitter specification:

  • Frequency: 5.8G
  • Channels: 40CH
  • Input voltage: 7V~24V
  • Serial protocol: Smart audio (licensed? But can you really license a protocol?)
  • 5V output for Camera
  • Output power: 25mW/200mW/600mW/800mW switchable
  • Antenna connector: MMCX
  • Cable connector: Solder pads
  • Dimensions: 36mm22mm5mm, 30.5mm hole spacing
  • Weight: 8g without antenna

I got mine Eachine TX805 from Banggood