Matek F722-SE hands on – the best flight controller of 2018?

Is Matek F722-SE the best flight controller of 2018? Perhaps it's "slightly" too early for such statements, but for sure, it looks like one of the strongest pretenders for such a title (if the title existed).

In a meantime, a video showing brand new Matek F722-SE flight controller and most of its features.

Betaflight 4.0 – improved dynamic filtering on 7 inch quad

The next major release of Betaflight will be 4.0 with new and improved Dynamic Filtering. For now, today I only did a quick test of Betaflight 4.0 running on my TBS Source One 7-inch FPV drone. No tuning, no playing with settings. I only flashed, set modes and radio and that’s all. I pretty much like how it feels. This quadcopter was mainly doing cruising, no freestyle, and it felt good to put those props into more demanding use. Yes, Betaflight 4.0 has a good chance to be just awesome…


A note about the sound. It indeed sounds like a V8 engine. Bear in mind, that those are default settings and Gemfan FLASH 7042 props are light and do not like to have too much D gain.

Ritewing Mini Drak – The Mist

Ritewing Mini Drak is a very stable airplane, but when the air is bumpy, the flight will be bumpy as well. This is why I'm experimenting with a soft image stabilization.

For video editing, I'm using Magix Movie Studio 15 and it has a built-in video stabilization plugin. But it does not work: waste of time. So, I've got me something else: newBlueFX Stabilizer.

In this video, some of the takes are stabilized, some are not. You should not have much trouble finding which ones I've stabilized with newBlueFx Stabilizer and which not. I've tried to find the settings that are soft enough not to make it look super strange or something. Did I succeed? Not me to judge.

Smooth 7-inch FPV drone – motor soft mounts, part 1

I have a theory that 7-inch FPV quadcopters fly “below expectations” due to frame resonance, I did not expect, so many pilots agree with it. We had nice talks in comments, I’ve learned a lot about stiffness and moment of inertia (that you Pierre-Louis). Many of you shared some of their tricks and ideas on how to solve that. Let’s start testing some ideas how to fix that!

Ritewing Mini Drak – Above The Fog

Weather like this happens only a few times a year: raising fog, low sun and another layer of clouds… And very little wind. To be honest, when I went to the "airfield" I did not expect to use my Mini Drak at all. The fog was too dense and too low. But then it raised and holes appeared… Awesome…