Hands on: CarbonBird.com CB215MG Fast Digital Servos

What is the biggest advantage of cheap servos? They are cheap. What is the biggest disadvantage of cheap servos? Well… everything else. Do not get me wrong, for last 2 year all my airplanes and other contraptions have been running cheap analog servos. Some better, some worse, but all were cheap. And I always felt that one can expect more from a servo…

CarbonBird.com CB215MG Fast Digital Servos

Thanks to CarbonBird.com I will have a chance to find out. They provided me with a pair of CB215MG fast coreless digital servos woot woot. I do not know much about servos, but they surely looks solid and reliable. Metal casing, metal bearings and 333Hz refresh rate. I'm just putting them on my latest flying wing and I will know if good servo is really worth it. I really hope so!

CarbonBird.com CB215MG Fast Digital Servos

3D Printed Paddle Wheel Boat

It's not a secret, that me, and QuadMeUp, are not only about quadcopters. From time to time I like to do something completely different.

When I was a child (10-12 or something like that) I loved to build boats. Simple crude design: styrofoam or bark, simple sail or DC motor and tinwire propeller. No RC link. Just let it sail in "somewhere there".

When I got a 3D printer and learned that servos can be converted to continuous rotation simply by replacing potentiometer with a pair of resistors, the idea to build paddle wheel boat powered by servos was almost obvious.

So, here it is!

3d printed paddle wheel boat

  • Hull can be 3D printed, STL files are available on Thingiverse
  • Wheels are powered by 2 TowerPro 9g servos converted to continuous rotation
  • RC link by cheapest FrSky compatible D8 receiver
  • 2S LiPo gives enough "juice" and with power usage of about 300mA it can sail for hours