Eachine TX805 5.8GHz 800mW video transmitter hands on

I have something like a personal problem with "the best FPV transmitter manufacturer". It's about ideology. So, when a few weeks ago I had to order a few 5.8GHz transmitters, I had something like a problem. With TBS Unify Pro on my "not wanted" list, the "wanted" list got somehow short.
I do own a few Matek HV VTXes and I'm quite happy with them. But I can not always buy the same thing, so when I saw Eachine TX805 for slightly more than $15 I've decided to give it a try.

Eachine TX805 video transmitter 800mW SmartAudio

It appeared in the mail today and here are some first thoughts about it.

Eachine TX805 video transmitter 800mW SmartAudio

First of all, it's slightly bigger than I expected and in fact, it almost looks like a clone of Matek HV VTX. Not that it's bad or something, it's just not what I expected.

Eachine TX805 video transmitter 800mW SmartAudio

RF circuitry is shielded. And that is good. I only wonder if there is any kind of thermo-pad between shielding and RF components. I hope since at 800mW heat can kill electronics pretty easy. I like MMCX connector since u.fl sucks so much. I also like the fact that all the connectors are solderable. I prefer that over JSTish connectors. A pretty bulky choke allows me to suspect that built-in 5V voltage stabilizer of the camera is at least decent as well. On the other hand, soldering on MMCX does not look "high quality". But hey, I got it for $15.99, I can not expect too much, right?

Eachine TX805 video transmitter 800mW SmartAudio

What else in a box? RP-SMA pigtail, whip antenna, and a short manual. It's a nice touch about that manual. It's quite nice and written in understandable English language!

Eachine TX805 video transmitter 800mW SmartAudio

Eachine TX805 5.8GHz 40CH 800mW video transmitter specification:

  • Frequency: 5.8G
  • Channels: 40CH
  • Input voltage: 7V~24V
  • Serial protocol: Smart audio (licensed? But can you really license a protocol?)
  • 5V output for Camera
  • Output power: 25mW/200mW/600mW/800mW switchable
  • Antenna connector: MMCX
  • Cable connector: Solder pads
  • Dimensions: 36mm22mm5mm, 30.5mm hole spacing
  • Weight: 8g without antenna

I got mine Eachine TX805 from Banggood

Hands on: Eachine ProDVR

Since cameras like GoPro Session are heavy and my FPV goggles (Skyzone SKY-01) lacks built-in DVR, I’ve purchased DVR by Eachine: Eachine ProDVR. There is probably enough written on the web how it’s made and that it has problems with PAL signal and there are hacks to fix it. Oh well…

Eachine ProDVR

Instead, here are just some pros and cons, and short summary at the end. Read More

Eachine DIY Suitcase – quite a lot of space inside

I finally had some time to play around with my DIY Eachine Suitcase only to realize this item is no longer available on Banggood. Oh well…

OK, let’s get back to the suitcase. Like I wrote last time: it’s too small to hold 220 class mini quad with 3-bladed propellers on. But it’s big enough to hold some other stuff. I always had a problem where to put DVR and some 433MHz telemetry stuff I’m using from time to time.

For such a purpose, this suitcase is just perfect. Maybe even slightly too big. Right now it holds:

  • LCD with DVR
  • LCD stand
  • 3S lipo
  • 433MHz LRS-Bluetoothe brigde
  • 433MHz Moxon antenna
  • 433MHz dipole antenna
  • 5.8GHz dipole antenna

And there is still a lot of free space inside. Hmmm…. And I have no idea what else to put there…

Hands on: Eachine DIY Suitcase

I like to travel light. Also when going flying. This is why I’m not the biggest fan of all those metal or plastic suitcases. Not my style. I prefer a backpack, mini quadcopter attached on the outside of it, flying wing in one hand, travel chair in the second. Done.

Sometimes suitcases becomes handy (after all they provide some privacy and protection), so when I saw this little Eachine DIY Suitcase I’ve decided to give it a try. Description says that it can hold ZMR250, so also should not have any problems with 220 mini quad. It does have a problem after all…

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Quick Peek: Eachine Light-2D Brushless Gimbal

You can buy almost everything from China. Including 2 axis gimbal for less than 50 Euro. Websites like BangGood and Aliexpress sell them worldwide. The only question is: are they any good? I’ve decided to check that out and I have purchased Eachine Light-2D Brushless Gimbal w/Motor&Controller For DJI Phantom. Of course, it is not only for Phantom. If you can mount it on your multicopter, you can use it. Why not, it is a clone of BaseCam SimpleBGC 8-bit. The most general purpose gimbal controller there is!

Eachine Light-2D Gimbal

So, is it any good? Read More

Quick review: Eachine PCB Power Distribution Board for ZMR250/QAV250

Building a quadcopter without nice power distribution board always leads to the same result: state of total cable entanglement. It looks ugly, makes maintenance hard and adds unneeded weight. I will not show how my ZMR250 quad looked after I added FPV and OSD into it. Almost all space between top and bottom plate was taken by cables. Nightmare. So, after spending less than $9 I’ve become an owner of Eachine PCB Power Distribution Board w/ OSD Socket Support NAZE32 CC3D OSD For QAV250 Quadcopter from Banggood. This board did not have very good reviews, but offered three things I wanted: sockets for micro MinimOSD, integrated signal lines and low price. So, I gave it a try.

Eachine PCB Power Distribution Board w/ OSD Socket Support NAZE32 CC3D OSD For QAV250 Quadcopter Read More