Pirx Seven vs DJI FPV

Pirx Seven 7-inch FPV frame

I designed the Pirx Seven 7-inch FPV frame when the DJI Digital FPV System was something as a novelty. Truth to be told, back then I have not believed it will so popular as it is today. Turned out, I was wrong on that and the DJI Digital FPV System is incredibly popular. Luckily, the Pirx Seven turned out to be future-proof and it accepts both DJI Airt Unit and Caddx Vista without much effort.

The Pirx Seven allows you to:

  • Install Caddx Vista in the front section, right behind the FPV camera
  • Install Caddx Vista in the center section upside-down under the top plate
  • Install Caddx Vista in the rear section with a longer, 14cm coax wire
  • Install the DJI Air Unit in the center section upside-down under the top plate

For details on the Air Unit setup, please see the video below

FPV meets corporation – DJI FPV Goggles V2 vs V1 and availability

Why can't I buy DJI goggles anymore

All of you who tried to buy FPV goggles in the last three months might have noticed that it was not a trivial endeavor. Starting from the last December, the DJI Goggles and Air Units and Caddx Vistas availability was limited. To some extent, it was due to increased demand just before Christmas and so some, because V1 goggles production ended a few months ago and what we were getting on the market were units produced probably in the Q2-Q3 of 2020.

DJI FPV goggles

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Things that I hate about the DJI Digital FPV

At first glance, the DJI Digital FPV system is the best thing that happened to the FPV, drones, and airplanes since the LiPo batteries. And yes, DJI FPV is an amazing technology that lets you see so much more and works almost out of the box. It is, however, not perfect and this is my personal list of the most irritating issues it has:

  • Limited OSD
  • DVR without OSD
  • Telemetry and SRT files
  • Overheating Air Unit
  • DJI has the practical monopoly for the digital FPV

INAV and DJI HD FPV system – there is a light at the end of the tunnel

When DJI did not decide to add INAV and Ardupilot to the list of the supported flight controller for the HD FPV system, some people were, at least, disappointed. Long story short: DJI OSD works only with Betaflight. Period.

DJI HD FPV system

Until today, DJI avoids the answer to the question if INAV and Ardupilot will be supported. I know there are some talks and there is a chance for native support for INAV and Ardupilot, but the timeline is not revealed.

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DJI FPV System & INAV – current situation

DJI FPV System

When DJI released updated firmware for their DJI FPV system with improved OSD, Betaflight users started cheering. The move to add OSD with elements like GPS position, the artificial horizon, etc is kind of puzzling. It works only with Betaflight flight controllers and a typical user of Betaflight does not really need it. After all, Betaflight concentrates on racing and freestyle on 5-inch mini-quads, not long-range.

On the other hand, users INAV, that concentrate on airplanes and long-range flights, can not use new DJI FPV OSD. Pilots immediately started to ask INAV developers to implement DJI FPV support. The problem is, that it's not working like that.

  • Support for Betaflight is built-in into DJI Air Unit, not another way around.
  • DJI FPV seems to be actively checking if the flight controller it talks to is Betaflight or not
    INAV and Betaflight support the same serial protocol: MSP. This means DJI FPV is capable of talking to INAV, it just refuses to do so
  • INAV and Betaflight use the same OSD positioning protocol using the same MSP frames. Still, DJI FPV refuses to talk to INAV
  • We have no idea what DJI Air Unit expects from a flight controller since it is the closed source!

All of that means that INAV developers can not fix something that is not within the code of INAV. For INAV support, DJI has to implement it. Not the other way around.

Singles’ Day Deals for DJI Phantom

In some countries 11.11 is an Independence Day. In some countries it's a shopping festival. If anyone want's to cut a good deal, this is one of the best times to do it. For example on GearBest which prepared very nice promotions for DJI Phantom series.

phantom 3 advanced

Best drone for Christmas

Christmas is upon us. Less than 2 weeks to be precise. Since drones are such a hot topic, many will want to get one for Christmas, many will want to buy one as a gift. There are so many of them at the market, it’s not a problem to buy one. It’s a problem to choose correct one, so that everybody is happy. Sure, everybody would like to get DJI Inspire 1 for Christmas, but I do not think that’s a point here. So, here are my recommendations for todays question: “What is the best drone for Christmas?

First drone for indoor flying

They are small, they are cheap, they are almost indestructible and rooms are their natural habitat. Nano drones. Excellent idea for a Christmas present. Cool enought to give joy and cheap enough that it will not be huge loss if they will be thrown into a corner or destroyed after few days. Additionally, low weight, low speed and small propellers greatly reduces chance of destroying something or causing injury. In this category I want to recommend Hubsan X4 H107.

Hubsan X4 H107

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