Singles’ Day Deals for DJI Phantom

In some countries 11.11 is an Independence Day. In some countries it's a shopping festival. If anyone want's to cut a good deal, this is one of the best times to do it. For example on GearBest which prepared very nice promotions for DJI Phantom series.

phantom 3 advanced

INAV 1.1 for Naze32 with working telemetry

As long as Naze32 / Flip32 are decent flight controllers for those who does not demand too much, they share very big flaw: low flash memory size. While even a year ago 128kB of flash was enough, times changed, and limited flash makes a problem for advanced flight controller software like INAV. Starting from INAV 1.1, STM32F1 flight controllers started to pay a penalty of disabled features. That time it was "only" telemetry providers other than LTM. Next time it might / will be more.

During last few weeks I've received few request to compile INAV 1.1 with enabled FrSky and/or SmartPort telemetry on Naze32 target. While I have nothing against doing that on request, I've decided it would be better to just prepare special version of INAV 1.1 for Naze32 users with all telemetry providers enabled. Link to ZIP file is at the bottom of this post.

  • This version has LTM, FrSky, SmartPort and HOTT telemetry enabled
  • To fit telemetry in limited flash memory, following features has been disabled:
    • OLED display support
    • DJI NAZA GPS module support

INAV 1.1 for Naze32 with telemetry enabed

Best drone for Christmas

Christmas is upon us. Less than 2 weeks to be precise. Since drones are such a hot topic, many will want to get one for Christmas, many will want to buy one as a gift. There are so many of them at the market, it’s not a problem to buy one. It’s a problem to choose correct one, so that everybody is happy. Sure, everybody would like to get DJI Inspire 1 for Christmas, but I do not think that’s a point here. So, here are my recommendations for todays question: “What is the best drone for Christmas?

First drone for indoor flying

They are small, they are cheap, they are almost indestructible and rooms are their natural habitat. Nano drones. Excellent idea for a Christmas present. Cool enought to give joy and cheap enough that it will not be huge loss if they will be thrown into a corner or destroyed after few days. Additionally, low weight, low speed and small propellers greatly reduces chance of destroying something or causing injury. In this category I want to recommend Hubsan X4 H107.

Hubsan X4 H107

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