ZOHD Drift

ZOHD Drift Review – a smart FPV glider

Airplanes are fun, and I like to fly them. Unfortunately, most RC airplanes have a severe flaw: they are big, bulky, and traveling with an FPV airplane can be a pain in a posterior. Sure, some can be disassembled into a few smaller parts, but usually, those parts are not small, and assembling the airplane is time-consuming. On top of that, the 250g weight limit hangs like a sword of Damocles over the RC hobby’s head. Everything gets so bloody complicated. And here comes the Drift!

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ritewing mini drak

Ritewing Mini Drak Center of Gravity

Ritewing Mini Drak is a fantastic R/C airplane. Fast, stable, and thanks to smooth lines and negative swept wing, it looks great. Thanks to negative wing sweep and a long nose, it has a very unusual center of gravity (CG). Mini Drak’s CG is located almost at the leading edge of wings.

Mini Drak Center Of Gravity

The Center of gravity should be measured from the front edge of the front wing spar.

  • For beginners as well during maiden flight it should be located around 25mm (1″) in front of the front wing spar
  • It can be moved back to approximately 20mm (0,8″) from the front edge of the front wing spar for advanced pilots.

Remember that correct setup of the center of gravity (CG) is critical for stable flight!

Ritewing Mini Drak – Above The Fog

Weather like this happens only a few times a year: raising fog, low sun and another layer of clouds… And very little wind. To be honest, when I went to the “airfield” I did not expect to use my Ritewing Mini Drak at all. The fog was too dense and too low. But then it raised and holes appeared… Awesome…

If you want to know more about my Mini Drak, here is the link that has more details.

INAV Airmode and Motor Stop on Multirotors and Fixed Wings

What are Motor Stop and Airmode features in INAV and how they differ from each other when used on multirotors and fixed-wing airplnes? Should you use Motor Stop on multirotor? Should you use Airmode on a fixed wing? Long story short:

  • On multirotors, Motor Stop not recommended to use while Airmode is recommended to use. More than that, you can not use them both at the same time, since they exclude each other!
  • On fixed wing aircrafts Motor Stop and Airmode are highly advised to use together.

My Reptile S800 Sky Shadow flying wing

I am fully aware that Reptile S800 Sky Shadow EPP flying wing is not a fresh topic. It is on the market for much more than a year and the internet is full of reviews. So it will not be a review. I will only say that I like S800 very much. Much much, much better than ZOHD Nano Talon 😉


  • Flight controller: Matek F405 Wing, the best INAV compatible flight controller for fixed-wing airplanes. Period
  • Motor: T-Motor F80 1900KV – it’ an oversized mini quad motor. With 2408 it’s slightly too big for drone racers but provides a shitload of trust and torque for small airplanes. Oh yeah, it’s rated for 1000W 😉
  • Propeller: APC 6×4 clone. Combined with the T-Motor F80 1900KV it’s enough for 120km/h flight. Too bad one has to cut foam on S800 to fit 7-inch props
  • ESC: Racestar 35A Tattoo – just works
  • Video transmitter: TBS Unify Pro HV
  • FPV camera: RunCam PZ0420M
  • Radio system: FrSky R9 Slim receiver with EU LBT firmware and FrSky R9M TX module. With the latest firmware, this thing finally works, but it’s kind of far from perfect…
  • Power is provided by 4S mini quad LiPo battery. I had to replace the main compartment cover with 3D printed one and cut some foam to fit it. I like to keep my batteries unified so I can swap them between airplanes and drones

ZOHD Nano Talon – small V-Tail airplane

Small, light, quite well thought through. Here is how I’ve built my ZOHD Nano Talon, small FPV airplane using following components:

  • Airplane: ZOHD Nano Talon PNF
  • Flight controller: Matek F405-Wing
  • Radio: FrSky R9 Slim long range receiver
  • Motor: T-Motor F80 1900KV
  • FPV transmitter: AKK X2-Ultimate 1200mW
  • Camera: RunCam Eagle 2
  • GPS: Beitian BN-880
  • Software: INAV 2.0

First flight, quite soon. And I have quite a lot of expectations about this plane. Maybe even too much. But let’s see how it will handle itself in the air.