ritewing mini drak

Ritewing Mini Drak Center of Gravity

Ritewing Mini Drak is a fantastic R/C airplane. Fast, stable, and thanks to smooth lines and negative swept wing, it looks great. Thanks to negative wing sweep and a long nose, it has a very unusual center of gravity (CG). Mini Drak’s CG is located almost at the leading edge of wings.

Mini Drak Center Of Gravity

The Center of gravity should be measured from the front edge of the front wing spar.

  • For beginners as well during maiden flight it should be located around 25mm (1″) in front of the front wing spar
  • It can be moved back to approximately 20mm (0,8″) from the front edge of the front wing spar for advanced pilots.

Remember that correct setup of the center of gravity (CG) is critical for stable flight!

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