Radiomaster TX16S

Radiomaster TX16S Teardown – let’s see what’s inside!

Radiomaster TX16S is one of the most exciting premieres of the first half of 2020. Not only it establishes itself as a second most wanted radio transmitter on the market (right behind radios made by FrSky), it brings a few very interesting features to the table as well. Some of them are:

  • Built-in multiprotocol module
  • Hall effect gimbals available as an option
  • USB-C for communication with the radio
  • USB-C charging of the 2S LiIon (18650) battery
  • Color LCD with a touch option
  • Two serial ports
  • TBS Crossfire compatible

Today, let’s open a Radiomaster TX16S multiprotocol radio and let’s see how it is built inside. Does the quality match the price?

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