RaceFlight One Source Code, drama continues

This is the follow up of yesterday entry RaceFlight One source code has been published and what does that mean. Before you continue I suggest reading that post first.

Another day, another drama. Or rather the same drama continues. There are two major updates on the topic of RaceFlight source code and team conflict.

RS2K states that he did not know that RF1 contained GPL code until recently (not directly tho)

rs2k gpl statement

Some people have asked my why I decided to release my project under GPL V3 license instead of more permissive license such as the MIT license. The simple answer is I am required to by law. It came to my attention that there was GPL base code in RF1 that was added without my consent.

rs2k RaceFlight One repository on GitHub is not available anymore

RaceFlight One DCMA takedown

Just like expected, rs2k/RaceFlight-One is not available. It was taken down under DMCA act by request of OrangeCode. OrangeCode is apparently a company owned by Preston Garrison aka proggod. Full details of DCMA notice is available here. If TL;DR, it states that:

  1. OrangeCode owns copyright to RF1 code
  2. Kalyn Doerr aka rs2k is an employee of OrangeCode and had not right to publish the code
  3. OrangeCode (proggod apparently) states that "I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in this notification is accurate and that I am the copyright owner, or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed."

5 thoughts to “RaceFlight One Source Code, drama continues”

  1. But,… if the RaceFlight one contains betaflight code (as some people claim in forums) RaceFlight is already GPL so Kalyn Doerr can publish the code.

    1. Not that simple. If RF1 is GPL (and looks like it is) then owner of the code is obliged to publish source code during release. The question is, who has rights for the code. Was there an agreement between Preston and Kalyn, was Kalyn employed by Preston. We do not know. Is it allowed to steal from a thief or does it make you a thief too?

  2. Yeah, I saw a funny comment that said:
    “The main feature of Raceflight always seemed to be drama. This has been a significant upgrade” lol.
    I firmly suspect Preston is where all this is stemming from. He seems to have the ethics of a thief and a good talker to boot from what I can see. I’ll be curious to see how Kalyn does on future projects. I don’t want to broad brush him into this. Everyone deserves a second chance imo. It’s just that Preston has already burned his two (at least) chances.

  3. I smashed two FC and two 4-1 from Raceflight or Flight one. Very disappointed with all the bugs that are in it and it is not user friendly like everyone says. There is something strange with it and I have built over 20 quads. So I ripped it out of the new build today and smashed it with a hammer. It was the best 200 dollars I have smashed and i installed the DalRc and 4-1 in 23 minutes today. Grrrrr. I am done with them and after reading all this information, there is something strange going on with them and very secret. Thank you for taking the time to post this information.

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