Quick review: Turnigy 2730 1500KV brushless motor

I’ve bought first Turnigy 2730 1500KV brushless motor by accident. I needed something small and cheap for Depron airboat. Then I needed something similar for a Depron airplane. At the end, in 6 months, I owned 3 T2730 1500KV motors. Not all of them survived the experience. One got lost in the middle of a lake with the rest of airboat it powered. Second got burned what I forced it to power too big propeller. Third one still lives and this type is my first choice for anything up too 400g of weight.

Turnigy 2730 brushless outrunner motor

T2730 1500KV outrunner motor

Turnigy T2730 1500KV

One of the problems of this motor is very limited amount of tech data, it’s hard to get anything about thrust, pitch speed, and eCalc does not have this motor in their database. So, here is a short compilation of data I was able to get, plus some test data from my own trials:

  • Weight: 26g without connectors,
  • Battery: 2S-3S
  • Propeller: according to specs, 7×3.5 or smaller. I’ve burned one on 7×4 inch APC like propeller, so I would say that 6×4 inch propeller is better choice,
  • Thrust: according to specs: up to 410g on 7×3.8 prop. I have testes it with smaller propellers and got:
    • GemFan 5030 (5×3″): 220g on 3S,
    • GemFan APC-like Electric 6040 (6×4): 380g on 3S,
  • Max current: according to specs 8A. My measures gives:
    • GemFan 5030 (5×3″): 3.75A on 3S,
    • GemFan APC-like Electric 6040 (6×4): 6.6A on 3S,
  • Suggested ESC: 10A will be enough, but you might try 12A just be keep it safe.

There is also one trick I suggest when using those motors. Cables near coils are hanging loose, nothing holds them in place. Strong pull on cables can break cables near coil and make motor useless. So, as a prevention, I apply some epoxy glue on coils to somehow protect the cables there.

epoxy glue on T2730 1500KV motor

Overall verdict? It’s not super strong, has quite low power limit (around 100W) but does what it’s supposed to do quite well. I like it, one of my favourite.

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