Building a quadcopter without nice power distribution board always leads to the same result: state of total cable entanglement. It looks ugly, makes maintenance hard and adds unneeded weight. I will not show how my ZMR250 quad looked after I added FPV and OSD into it. Almost all space between top and bottom plate was taken by cables. Nightmare. So, after spending less than $9 I've become an owner of Eachine PCB Power Distribution Board w/ OSD Socket Support NAZE32 CC3D OSD For QAV250 Quadcopter from Banggood. This board did not have very good reviews, but offered three things I wanted: sockets for micro MinimOSD, integrated signal lines and low price. So, I gave it a try.

Eachine PCB Power Distribution Board w/ OSD Socket Support NAZE32 CC3D OSD For QAV250 Quadcopter

Eachine Power Distribution Board

Eachine ZMR250 PDB

Eachine ZMR250 PDB

Process of rebuilding my ZMR250 took 3 evenings, and I like the results very much. Neat, clean, everything has it's place. And it is lighter than before. Whole PDB that replaced middle plate of ZMR250 frame (carbon) is lighter than the power cables alone. Minus weight of original plate, minus extra signal cables and according to my measures, quadcopter loosed 45g during the process. Nice. Integrated buzzer, low-pass power filter for FPV camera and video transmitter, simple OSD connection, LEDs. I liked all of those.

But, not everything is super cool with this PDB. Lacquer covering the place is not scratch resistant and one has to be very careful not to remove it. Also, there is no full support for Flip32 flight controller. Both Naze32 or CC3D can be either soldered directly or attached using sockets. This will not work with Flip32, so I had to use short cables to connect board to ESC and MinimOSD. Also, pinout documentation is rather not existent and multimeter is a must to check what goes where. For example, who can explain to me, why only ESC#2 can be used to provide 5V power to the board, how to install 5V and 12V BECs and what connector on aft-left really does. Mistery...

My overall verdict is: for $9? C'mon, for this price it is super awesome PDB for ZMR250 quadcopter. Many features, no bigger problems during assemble (besides lacquer scratched here and there), low weight. And I can live with those extra cables I had to use to connect Flip32. It is a decent power distribution board. I like it very much. So, Banggood reviews were wrong in this case. Very, very wrong.